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Having the sex education talk with your teen: A Pediatrician’s recommendation

By Shilpa Vernekar, M.D. As a parent you have been by the side of your child, from the adorable infancy stage (and those not so adorable sleepless nights, trying in vain to rock the baby to sleep), through the “terrible two’s,” all the way up until puberty. You have been the one holding his/her hand… Continue Reading

February 2014

 PTA Talk– Dr. Chandra spoke to Lakewood Primary School parents about positive reinforcement discipline strategies. Career Day at Mount Olive Primary- Dr. Chandra talked to 1st and 2nd graders about what being a doctor is all about! Then, she took a picture with her “doctor” friends (below), and the school administrators and other presenters (left.)… Continue Reading

“My child has green snot. Therefore, my child needs antibiotics.” The Pediatrician’s Perspective

At this time of year, it seems that everyone is at least sniffling. A lot of kids have nasal discharge, but the one symptom sure to have mommies calling into the pediatrician’s office is the first sight of “green snot.” This parental perception that green snot must mean the start of a “sinus infection” and… Continue Reading

What is ADHD? Does my child need treatment? Will my child outgrow it? Overview of ADHD

By Ritu Chandra, M.D. The awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has markedly increased over the last 10 years, as have the number of cases being diagnosed. As a pediatrician, I feel that increasingly I am swamped with appointments for ‘ADHD evaluation’ or ‘ADHD testing.’ And, I also know that sometime in October of each… Continue Reading

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