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What to do when your child/teenager won’t talk to you, and when to seek help: a Child Psychologist’s Perspective

By Michelle DeRamus, Ph.D. As children get older and move into the teen years, it is natural for them to want to spend more time with their friends and open up to them more than to their parents. However, it is remains very important for parents to be involved in their teens’ lives and continue… Continue Reading


Parents,  please keep these simple tips in mind to ensure that your child has a fun and SAFE summer break: 1)      WATER SAFETY  Always have a designated person whose only job is to watch out for a drowning child; this is especially important at family functions where children are at the greatest risk of drowning… Continue Reading

June 2014

Dr. Rumph read the children two books at the Pre-School Story Hour at Phenix City Public Library, and PMG donated some yummy snacks in honor of school being out for the summer! Since the practice began, our pediatricians have made it a habit to go to the local library and read to children. They see it as… Continue Reading

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