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Common “Military Family Challenges” Children Experience- Part 2

 By Michelle DeRamus, Ph.D. It is no secret that the lives of military service members and their families differ greatly from civilian life in a variety of ways. For kids – often deemed military “brats” – the life changes and transitions that come every couple of years when the parent is assigned to PCS –… Continue Reading

Common “Military Family Challenges” Children Experience- Part 1

By Michelle DeRamus, Ph.D. Each day more and more families are finding homes at Fort Benning and the surrounding areas, including Phenix City, AL, Fort Mitchell, AL and Columbus, GA, in large part due to the military. At Fort Benning, soldiers find the opportunity to join some of the most distinguished U.S. Army units, including: the 3rd… Continue Reading

E-cigarettes- all you wanted to know

By Ritu Chandra, M.D. Electronic cigarette (e cigarette) use or ‘vaping’ is the new epidemic in tobacco use. Vaping products look like cigarettes and are typically disposable, such as e-hookahs, vape pens, and refillable tank-like or personal vaporizers. These devices heat a solution of nicotine and other additives that produce a vapor that is inhaled… Continue Reading

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