Well Visits

During Well-Child visits, we thoroughly check your child’s general physical condition and evaluate growth and development.

At our practice, we lay a big emphasis on prevention.

Aside from height, weight, BMI index and their vital signs, we also check their vision & hearing. This is also a time that our pediatricians are looking for signs of your child’s physical & mental developmental milestones.

It is imperative that we see your child regularly to monitor their growth & development. In the first two years of life however we follow this schedule of well visits in accordance to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics:


  1. Within 3 days of birth
  2. (2) weeks old
  3. (2) months old
  4. (4) months old
  5. (6) months old
  6. (9) months old
  7. (12) months old
  8. (15) months old
  9. (18) months old
  10. (24) months old

After age two children should be seen annually for Well Child Visits.

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