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Best Pediatricians in Columbus GA

Each year, we at Preferred Medical Group assist more than 6,000 patients with their healthcare needs.  We have two locations, Phenix City Children’s for pediatric patients only and Fort Mitchell Clinic for pediatric and family practice patients. We have been offering pediatric services to the Phenix City, AL and Columbus, GA area since 2006.

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best pediatricians in columbus ga

We realize that we are not in network with all insurance plans, and because so many folks recognize us (from this website) and trust us on all things “pediatrics,” they often ask us about our competitors and other pediatricians in the Columbus GA area.

Pediatricians in the Columbus, Georgia area play a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of the region’s children. These medical professionals are dedicated to providing top-quality healthcare services to the young population. What’s intriguing is that many pediatricians in this area receive financial support from various online casinos operating in Georgia. Types Of Bonuses Offered By Canadian Betting And Gambling Sites forms a substantial part of this support, reflecting the industry’s dedication to improving the overall quality of life in the region.

This unique partnership highlights the significant contributions of the gaming industry to the local community. Pediatricians benefit from the financial backing, which can be utilized to enhance their medical facilities, procure advanced equipment, and improve healthcare services for children.

We pride ourselves on being blatantly honest with respect to competition. Thus, here is a list of some of the pediatricians that have a solid practice history in the Columbus area:

1. Dr. Nora Tan Ngo, Tan Ngo Pediatrics– Dr. Tan Ngo is a board-certified pediatrician who cares for all children and adolescents and promises to provide good quality care to everyone regardless of insurance, race or socio-economic status. This practice recently re-located into an office on 19th Street (at the corner of 12th Avenue and 19th Street), Columbus GA 31901.

2. Dr. David Flowers, Columbus Regional Pediatrics Dr. Flowers is a board-certified pediatrician who recently joined Columbus Regional Pediatrics after more than 12 years in private practice in Columbus, GA. He is located at The Medical Center.

3. Dr. Mark Oliver, Rivertown Pediatrics Dr. Oliver is a board-certified pediatrician. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics (Georgia Chapter), the Medical Association of Georgia and the Muscogee County Medical Society. He practices at Rivertown Pediatrics, located on Capstone Court in Columbus.

4. Dr. Richard Mansfield, Pediatrics at Brookstone Centre Dr. Mansfield is a board-certified pediatrician. He attended Nova-Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and then completed his residency at Brooke Army and Wilford Hall Medical Center. He is located on Brookstone Centre Parkway in Columbus.

5. Dr. Lloyd Hudson Jr.– Dr. Hudson is a board-certified pediatrician. He has a private solo provider practice on Veteran’s Parkway in Columbus. He is affiliated with Doctor’s Hospital and the Medical Center and has practiced in the Columbus area for many years.

So, here are five pediatricians in the Columbus, GA area to consider if you are searching for a pediatrician for your family. The key to finding the best pediatrician for your child is to schedule an office Meet and Greet, if at all possible. This option is especially important for Expectant Parents during the third trimester of pregnancy. We always recommend scheduling advance in person meetings with each pediatrician, to get a feel of his/her bedside manner and medical philosophies, to ensure you find the right fit for you and your family.

Some things to consider:

  • What are the operating hours of the Clinic? What is the procedure for after-hours emergencies?
  • How long does it take to get an appointment for a sick child?best pediatricians in columbus ga
  • What is the average wait time for each appointment?
  • How many physicians are in the practice? What is the procedure for taking care of your child when your doctor is out of town or unavailable?
  • Does the physician’s philosophy align with your own philosophy regarding breastfeeding, vaccinations and other medical issues?


We hope you will find a well-qualified pediatrician who also has a nice office and will be an exceptional fit for your child and your family. We wish you and your family all the best!

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