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COVID-19 Update

Greetings friends, neighbors, associates, moms and dads!  Can you believe it is June? The year is slipping by, even though March felt like it had 300 days and April lasted a decade and May seemed like a few short years.  The lockdown and quarantine have taken a lot out of everyone. The good news, every day we practice good social distancing and illness awareness, the closer we can get to near normal. In the meantime, I know there is a large burden on parents as we all try to work, either from home, or in person, keep a home, be a teacher, and keep our kids from saying “I’m bored”, It is maddening and stressful.   Even though Alabama and Georgia are opening things up more than they were, that does NOT mean we are in the clear.  Youth and school sports and activities are beginning again, with restrictions and requirements. Even though we seem to be getting closer to normal, we still must exercise caution. There are still new cases every day. It is still a bad virus and does not affect everyone the same.  Some are without any symptoms, while others are deathly ill. Even normally well people. It is NOT only the elderly or unhealthy dying from this illness. Please, please, please practice social distancing, wear a mask if you venture out in public and limit your gatherings to less than 10 folks. We can and will get through this, but it has to be a TEAM effort and everyone has to be ALL IN. I wish you wellness and sanity in this time. Till we meet again!

Roger Kirk CRNP

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