Preferred Medical Group deliver a range of acute, chronic, and preventive medical care services. In addition to diagnosing and treating illness, we also provide routine checkups, health risk assessments, immunization and screening tests, and individualized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
We are able to manage your chronic illnesses and coordinate care with your specialists from diabetes, heart disease, stroke and hypertension, cancer, and asthma.

Services and Procedures offered:

  • Wellness Exams
  • Pap and Pelvic Exams
  • Diabetes Care
  • Cholesterol and CAD
  • COPD and Asthma
  • Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • Ear Lavage
  • EKGS
  • Spirometry
  • X-rays
  • Immunizations
  • Labs
  • Balance Test
  • ABI Testing