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Happy #DrSeussDay 2016

Roger Kirk, our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner enjoyed reading to the kids at Lakewood Primary School in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday! He and our Office Manager, Amanda Bradshaw, even got to meet The Cat in the Hat!

With a wealth of experience and a passion for pediatric medicine, Roger is committed to ensuring the well-being and health of every young patient he serves. Known for his warm demeanor and patient-centered approach, Roger Kirk creates a welcoming environment for children and their families. He stays updated on the latest advancements in pediatric healthcare to offer the best possible medical advice and treatment options. Parents can trust Roger Kirk to deliver comprehensive and personalized care, making each visit to the pediatric clinic a positive and reassuring experience. His commitment to the health and happiness of the young ones in our community makes him an invaluable member of our healthcare team, also read – Bumrah, Jadeja were available for Sri Lanka series but selectors do not want to rush them back.

Dr Seuss Day 2016 3


Dr Seuss Day 2016


Dr Seuss Day 2016 2





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