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Helping Children With Anxiety in East Alabama

We believe that no child should have to live with debilitating mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. These three testimonials talk candidly about how Preferred Medical Group has been able to help children in need.

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Our pediatricians are certified to diagnose the mental and emotional needs of children, we use the latest technology to objectively assess our patients, and we offer on-site counselling services just for kids.

If you have questions or know a child who could benefit from our services please visit us at:… or call 334-664-0463.

Here are what parents and patients in this video have to say about Preferred Medical Group’s treatment of children and anxiety.

Parent 1:              I would recommend Dr. Chandra for anyone looking to help their children in the best way. Got him on some medication to help with his ADHD. We have been doing therapy once a week so that has helped a lot with his aggression and with not speaking.

Parent 2:              And he would just freak out about anything, like uncertainty of knowing what would happen next.

Parent 3:              You were scared, upset and mad. Mad a lot. Upset a lot.

Child:                     Yeah.

Parent 3:              Depressed a lot, coming home from school, really, really upset about really small, just small, tiny things that you shouldn’t even be worried about. So that’s why we came to see Dr. Chandra.

Parent 2:              I would never thought, “Hey, I need to put my son on medication, or I need to put him through therapy.”

Parent 3:              Since she started medication, she’s basically totally different. The first checkup after she started, Dr Chandra could tell a huge difference in her. She actually wasn’t scared to talk during the appointments anymore.

Parent 2:              It is a lot different. He’s not freaking out about the uncertainty, he’s fine.

Child:                     She helped me be more confident and stuff. Like with school and talking to other people and not having anxiety.

Parent 2:              I would. I would recommend her to anyone who needed, if they needed help. And to know that there is help if you need it.

Child:                     Because I think that she’ll help a lot of people in need that would really need help.

Parent 3:              And I never expected a night and day change. And that’s exactly what it was. It was a night and day difference.

Parent 2:              It’s been like day and night, for real. That’s about it.

End of Video.

If you have questions about these or other services please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Preferred Medical Group is currently accepting new pediatric patients at our offices in Columbus / Phenix CityFort Mitchell, and Opelika. In addition to sick and wellness visits, we offer Behavioral Health counselling and ADHD assessments for children. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly or schedule your next visit through our convenient online appointment system.  

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