Meet and Greet

It is important to establish a relationship with a pediatrician before you give birth. So, in between prenatal visits and decorating your nursery, be sure to stop by and see us!

Schedule Your Meet & Greet Today

We are happy to offer expecting parents a Meet & Greet at our Phenix City Children’s location. We will show you around our office then one of our pediatricians will sit down with you to answer any questions you might have. Don’t be afraid to ask anything and everything; our pediatricians are experts and can reassure you if you have any concerns.

Finally, our PR manager will explain all of the ins and outs of the practice, how and when to make your first appointment with us, and what you should bring with you to this visit.

It is our wish for you to have the best experience bringing your baby into the world, and we’d love to be there for you. Your pediatrician should be a great resource to you in parenting and raising a healthy baby.

To schedule a Meet & Greet or to pre-register your unborn child as a patient, please call us at (334)-664-0463 ext. 3330.

When should I select a pediatrician for my baby?
Usually we recommend that expectant parents select a pediatrician during the third trimester. It is imperative to visit the practice to get a feel of the office and the staff. We give you the grand tour and let you sit down with one of our board-certified pediatricians. This is a great time to ask about any questions or to share any questions you have leading up to the birth of your child. And, when your baby is born, you will have the added bonus of knowing this decision has already been made.

How do I ensure my newborn won’t be exposed to germs from other sick children in your office?
While no pediatric office can guarantee this, our Phenix City Children’s location offers separate sick, well and newborn waiting rooms to prevent the spread of germs. Our state of the art newborn waiting room even has a separate, private lactation area, which discretely conceals breastfeeding moms. Even after your child graduates from the newborn waiting room, we still maintain separate sick and well waiting rooms at both offices to prevent the contamination of germs. We also sanitize all toys and furniture each evening.

Will my child’s pediatrician support my decision to breastfeed?
Our physicians are extremely knowledgeable and supportive of breastfeeding. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them on your Expectant Parent tour of the practice. Our pediatricians can explain to you many of the benefits of breastfeeding, including mommy-child bonding, a healthier diet for your new baby that is rich in nutrients, and less financial expenditures on formula.

If my baby gets sick, how quickly can you get us in?
Our motto is to never turn away a sick child, and this especially rings true for babies. We treasure our newborns and always allocate time in our schedule to see a baby who is ill. Just give us a phone call, and a nurse can help you to determine if a same day appointment is needed.

What do I do if my baby gets sick on the weekends?
We offer Saturday hours from 9-1 at our Phenix City office for all of our patients. If your baby is sick, you can call us or walk in on Saturday morning. We are also available 24/7 by answering service, so if it is a Saturday evening or Sunday, give our office a call before heading to the ER. Our physicians can advise you on the best course of treatment. Sometimes, over-the-counter medicines can help to ease symptoms until we can see your baby first thing on Monday morning.

How many pediatricians are in the practice? Will my child and I get to develop an individual relationship with one doctor?
PMG is a medium-sized group with three pediatricians and a nurse practitioner. Thus, we believe that your baby will get the best possible care. First and foremost, we believe it is important for your child to be able to develop a relationship with one doctor in the practice, who you will see continually at appointments. Therefore, you may request that a particular doctor is notated on your child’s chart so that you may see her each time. However, if your doctor is sick, out of town, or otherwise unavailable, other providers who practice the same evidence-based medicine are right here to care for your baby’s needs. Ultimately, we are all here for you from your child’s birth until age 18.

Who will circumcise my baby?
Typically, your OBGYN performs the circumcision. However, our pediatricians are also well trained in this procedure and can perform a circumcision for your baby if necessary.

Will my child’s pediatrician visit us in the hospital?
The PMG pediatricians currently do rounds at the Medical Center in Columbus, GA and at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, GA. If your child is born at one of these facilities and you have already filled out the registration paperwork beforehand, one of our providers will stop by to meet the baby in the hospital and to offer some tips and advice. If your child is born in another hospital where our doctors do not currently have rounds, he/she will be seen by an unassigned physician. However, you will follow up with us in our office 2 days after discharge from the hospital.

How do I schedule a tour of the office and Meet and Greet with a pediatrician?
Please call our PR Manager, Amanda Bradshaw, to set up your Expectant Parent Meet and Greet at (334) 664-0463. You may also email: to schedule this appointment. You will want to allot 30 to 45 minutes for this Meet and Greet, since you will be filling out new patient registration paperwork if you ultimately choose PMG as your baby’s pediatric home.

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