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Best Pediatrician in Columbus, GA , Phenix City, AL and Fort Mitchell, AL Commercials

Looking for the best pediatrician in Columbus GA, Phenix City, AL or Fort Mitchell, AL? Look no further! Please check out our new 2014 commercials, which feature some of our cute patients and their families.

General :30 second commercial with Mrs. Suchman Testimonial


Phenix City Children’s and Fort Mitchell Clinic General :30 commercial with cute kid testimonials

Dr. Shilpa Vernekar- ADHD :15 Commercial

Dr. Jennifer Rumph- :15 asthma commercial

Dr. Michelle DeRamus, Child Psychologist at Phenix City Children’s :15 commercial

See the same doctor each time? Choose Dr. Ritu Chandra, Dr. Shilpa Vernekar or Dr. Jennifer Rumph!

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