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Congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates! We are so proud of you!  Graduation is a major milestone in our lives and unfortunately, your senior year was interrupted by the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Certainly no one ever thought that would happen. Most of you were born after 9/11, so this is the first major crisis you have experienced. I am an eternal optimist and always try to see things as a positive. Good will come from this and hopefully, we can be better than before. Perhaps more appreciative of the little things that get overlooked in this fast-paced society of today. Let me tell you this, graduation opens the door to the rest of your life. 1 deposit casino You can go forward now and take on the world.  Whether it is college, military service, or starting in the workforce, YOU are ready for the adventure that awaits.  YOU are the future and make the world yours.  All of you are special, wonderfully made, with skills and abilities to make a wonderful future for all of us. That is something no disease, crisis, or disaster can take away from you. Excelsior!

Roger Kirk, CRNP

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